Plan Tinsel and Rot's Saturday

The time has come, dear reader, for you to take control of the Tinsel and Rot wheel. Through this rare opportunity, you, the slavish, slack-jawed devotee of all things Tinsel and Rot, can determine the content of a future edition of this blog.

How, you say? Listen up.

The great state of New Jersey has three events competing for the Tinsel and Rot entertainment dollar this Saturday. We're intrigued but not bowled over by any of the events, so it's hard to pick where to go:

Event #1-- Chiller Theatre Spring Expo, Secaucus, NJ --Devoted TaR followers know that I've been to the last two of these--and many exciting photos have resulted--but I don't know about this one. There's no one guest that compels me to bus it out to Secaucus. But there are some decent guests (Michael "Steven Keaton" Gross, Kevin "R. J. Fletcher (from "UHF")" McCarthy, Alan "Cameron Frye" Ruck, Steven Seagal...with a guitar) that might be worth my time.

Event #2-- Wrestling Reunion IV, Carteret, NJ --A dazzling array of former wrestlers (and announcers and a referee) that I can't imagine more than, say, a dozen people would be interested in meeting. Who wants Outback Jack's autograph? Fifteen bucks for Howard Finkel's signature? Even my fandom doesn't extend that far? Or does it?

Event #3-- Newport Center 20th Anniversary Celebration --The local mall caps off their 20th anniversary celebration with a live performance from Debbie Gibson at 6 p.m. Need I say more?

So, here's your job. Pick the event of the above three that I should attend. And "I think you should go to all three" is not a proper response. I've worked out the logistics of that, and it makes my head hurt. And it almost induces the long-dormant feeling of shame that once existed in my being.

Leave your response in the Comments field. The decision of the Tinsel and Rot judges is final.

The report of the day's activities should be up before Tinsel and Rot takes it on the road to St. Louis next Tuesday.


ignatz ratskywatsky said...

I have to go with #1. You'll see more "stars" than you would if you saw DG.

amanda said...

I agree with the above comment. Do it for Family Ties, if nothing else. If you don't mind me asking, what are you off to St. Louis for? I wouldn't want to miss a chance to hear about future Sigman chronicles.

Mr. Bad Example said...

All right then, Chiller Theatre it is. Assuming all this rain isn't the beginning of the apocalypse, of course. And if it is, I will enjoy spending the apocalypse with someone who was in "UHF." I'll try to get the report up on Monday.

I'll be in St. Louis for Twangfest, four days of music featuring the Avett Brothers, the Yayhoos, the Deadstring Brothers, the Bottle Rockets, Lucero, BR549, Scott Miller and the Commonwealth, and Mic Harrison, among others. Hooray for music! If I can find a computer, I'll post from the road. If not, look for something when I get back.

The Internerd said...

I guess I'm too late to vote, but you're going to my vote anyway so that's fine. UHF is awsome, but I'm laughing already thinking about your review of Mr. Steven Segal live.

Mr. Bad Example said...

Alas, Steven Seagal cancelled his appearance on Friday. So he wasn't there. But I was. And I got back in time to see Debbie Gibson at the mall. Who's the man? Wait...don't answer that.

Story and photos should be up Monday night.