The Year in Celebrity Pictures: Matt "Guitar" Murphy

Celebrity: Matt "Guitar" Murphy, best known as a Blues Brother and for being robbed in the race for Best Supporting Actor in The Blues Brothers
Photo taken: May 9, 2011, at The Blue Note, NYC, after his show with the Nouveaux Honkies

I'd seen Mr. Murphy many years ago, and even got an autograph (after a show in Central Park with Joe Louis Walker, Ike Turner, and Scotty Moore, if memory serves), but I didn't get a picture with him. A few years ago, he suffered a stroke, and for awhile it looked like his playing days were over. But he worked his way back and now does a limited number of shows a year. I missed one chance to see him (on the day of the great Five-State Bowling Tour), and I didn't want to let another one pass by. So I went to the late show at the Blue Note (first time there), and though I got there a little late, I managed to have a decent view from the bar to see Mr. Murphy play with the Nouveaux Honkies. He's understandably a little slower than he used to be, but it was good to see him back up on the stage. I wasn't sure if he'd be up to signing stuff after the show, but he was, so I got a poster signed and then had his manager take this picture (this is the second attempt, I believe). All acting jokes aside, he might be my favorite Blues Brother (he's close with Cropper), so it's cool to have this photo.

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