What I Liked About March

*A Time to Love pancakes, Griddle Cafe, Hollywood, CA
*The birth of Kaelin Sophia Cash
*Peter Wolf/Kenny White, Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ
*St. Anthony's 62, St. Patrick's 45
*Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared Reunion, Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA

*The Pogues/Titus Andronicus, Terminal 5, NYC
*Pete and Peggy Seeger, Kleinert/James Arts Center, Woodstock, NY
*Seeing Dodger Stadium for the first time
*Randy's Donuts, Inglewood, CA
*The Saturday afternoon Brady Bunch/Beverly Hills 90210 house tour
*Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, Joe's Pub, NYC
*Mom's successful surgery
*Marshall Crenshaw, McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA
*Sean Avery's battered face
*The willingness of people with cars to drive me places

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