Book Revku, Vol. 1

Yes, your prayers have been answered! The revku has returned! But this year I'll be devoting my vast 17-syllable skills to the books I'll be reading as part of my 2011 resolution: the 50-A-Day Project, wherein I vow to read 50 pages for fun/personal edification everyday of 2011 (not that the stuff I read from 9 to 5, five days a a week, isn't a bucket of personally edifying fun, of course, but I'm focusing more on reading away from the computer screen). I realized that I hadn't been reading much for fun anymore, and that I felt a little dumber because of that. And I also wanted to stick up for the printed and bound word (no Kindle for me). And since I have five overflowing bookshelves in my apartment, it seemed like a good idea to knock the dust off of a few jackets.

So far, so good: I'm actually averaging almost 70 pages a day. Yes, I'm bragging. At least until you start seeing some of the books I've been reading. Then the time for bragging will most certainly be over.

I won't necessarily be posting these as I finish the books, so don't think I've failed if you don't see some revkus for a bit. And I'll pause after every 10 to give a non-revku rundown on the state of things. At least in terms of reading. For a wider state of things, you'll probably have to speak to me. And I don't generally speak in haiku, so don't expect that.

Anyway, here we go.

The book is just fine
But the movie is better
Thanks to Phoebe Cates

Fast Times at Ridgemont High by Cameron Crowe (253 pp.)

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