My back pages (and others', too)

Today's an exciting day to be on the Internet, and, no, it's not because of Michael Jackson's funeral (can we all now just make a pact to not share our opinions, good or ill, about his death anymore? Thanks!). No, it's exciting because the gargantuan task of putting the entire run of No Depression online has been completed (at great expense, monetary and otherwise) by Kyla Fairchild and a team of able helpers. You can now check out all the great articles and reviews at the Archives site. Or if you care to just go to my stuff to mock the writing inadequacies of the younger me, go here.

Much love to those who helped put up all the archives. I enjoy when useful, enjoyable things are put on the Internet.


Anonymous said...

The links to your articles aren't working. What's up?

Mr. Bad Example said...

Workin' fine for me...or was this a trick to try to get me to read my old stuff? If so, well played.