Score one for YouTube

Sometimes I get annoyed by the people who film shows on their crappy cameras (mainly because they are doing it in my sightline, so I wind up watching the show through a three-inch screen), but then there are times like this, when young Henry's dancing during Lucero's "Tears Don't Matter Much" at the Big Apple BBQ is captured for the ages, from multiple angles.

The best dancing angle is the first one, but you can see the band's reactions better (and hear the song better) in the second. From any angle, though, it's still awesome. And one more reason why live music rules.


ope said...

we got the boy working 8 hrs a day (bollettieri-style)so he can do sumthin like that. maybe even grind up on tift merritt.

Mr. Bad Example said...

Free chance for grinding up on Tift this Wednesday at Rockefeller Park. Maybe it's time to up the schedule to 12 hours a day in preparation.