My weekend: By the numbers

Number of times I checked the weather forecast Friday night before deciding going to the Union County Music Fest Saturday morning would be a bad, wet idea: 7

Number of inches of rain that fell Saturday morning: 0.0

Number of episodes of "Outsiders Inn" I watched on Saturday: 2

Number of blocks it took for my shoes to get completely saturated when I finally left the apartment on Saturday: 1.5

Number of buckets employed on and around the stage by the Maxwell's staff in an attempt to catch water dripping from the ceiling during the Duhks' set: 3

Number of times I wanted to punch David Wright in the face for swinging at balls out of the strike zone: 5

Number of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers I saw play on Sunday: 2

Number of Shirelles songs in the two medleys that closed Shirley Alston Reeves's set: 0

Number of countries whose ethnic culinary offerings I ate on Sunday: 3

Number of days I would prefer in a weekend: 3

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