Getting worried?

The readers and letter writers of "Dear Abby" have come through again. Do yourself a favor and check out Wednesday's column. In said column, you will find a lead letter that is flat-out crazy. To summarize, a guy's "getting worried" that his girlfriend's stepfather wants to take nude pictures of her. And the stepfather also wants the guy and his girlfriend to have loud sex so he can hear it. It occurs to the letter writer that this might be weird.

I am picturing this 18-year-old guy in Florida checking the newspaper every day, frozen until the printed word comes in from Dear Abby. Maybe he's shared this dilemma with other friends and they keep asking him if he's done anything about the whole stepdad-lusting-after-his-stepdaughter thing. "No, I'm waiting to hear what Abby says," he tells his friends."'Til then, we're just gonna ride this one out and see what happens. Don't want to make a move 'til Abby gives the go-ahead."

First, the Marlins, then the Devil Rays, and now this. That's officially three strikes for Florida.

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